Battle Vs Chess – Review

  • Boon’s Sehc

    I’m a chess noob, yeah, but I’d love to play and learn chess and have some interesting battles.
    I love the animated figures and the level design, so it’s more fun to play it virtually, plus I always have a chess partner in form of my pc.
    But what I really hate about this game is, that you don’t even stand a chance at level 0. Why do you have 10 different difficulty levels and a tutorial how to play chess, when a bloody beginner doesn’t even stand a chance at the lowest level? That doesn’t make sense at all and it takes away the fun part completely. At level 0 I’d definitely expect the computer to have a certain chance to draw “mistake moves” like a human being would do at beginner’s level. But no, it’s always perfect, no mistake made by the PC. It’s like having to take part in the Olympic Games marathon, but you have never run further than to the bus station.
    I’ve heard they have implemented a chess engine called Fritz 11? Nice for pro-gamers, but what about people who love to have a relaxed noob match vs. a chess computer?
    When you never have a chance, then why play it? How to make progress, if your “enemy” is always overpowered? Sorry, but with that you can get rid of the difficulty levels anyways.
    I wish, there was an option to set a mistake chance for the pc and an extra tutorial about chess strategies. Something like Dos and Dont’s for successful playing.

    Nice game, but if you always lose it’s no fun. 🙁