A petition to get beards added in Destiny

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  • JamieCH

    Jamie Howard – JamieCH

  • Matthew Webb

    Matthew Webb

  • Sam Sparrow

    Sam Sparrow

  • Rebecca Josephine Miller

    Rebecca Miller

  • Iain Culverhouse

    Supporting the Bearded Fellowship at @AllThingsXbox #BeardsFromBungie

  • Tapartus

    Daryl William ramsey

  • Adam Bateman

    Adam Bateman 🙂

  • Edan

    Edan Cohen IIx EDAN xII

  • Jd Drummond

    Beards…. Allow it! Russ jd drummond

  • Ami

    Ami Becker

  • India downing

    India Downing 😀

  • Tom Norman


  • Sam Champness

    Sam champness . Everyone needs beards in there life x

  • Lew Orrow

    Lewis Orrow- beards are win

  • Becca Lane

    FREE THE BEARD – BuccaLaney

  • Dale Sellick

    Dale Sellick – Air Stryker117 #BeardsFromBungie

  • Roland


  • Lee Dobson

    A warrior’s greatest weapon is not wielded, but grown. #BeardsFromBungie – Lee Dobson

  • Peter van de Vyver

    “CurvyMisterPete” on both Live and PSN.

  • Lb

    L Bennett

  • #BeardTilDestiny cuz a warlock needs a beard

  • Education Reform Movement


    Could you sign this petition:

  • Eliot

    For beards everywhere – Eliot Harle

  • Random Dude


  • Chris Slaughter

    Fear. The. Beard.

  • Jay

    Julius M.

  • Irfan


  • RazrNexus

    Trogden08, I’d like at least some rough fuzz to go on my guardians face. What do they exist in a world were puberty doesn’t take full effect and they just skip though facial hair growth??

  • kristofurr

    Our guardians are in the middle of fighting an intense, intergalactic war! They should look a little more “rough around the edges”. Facial hair, please. – Chris D

  • SteveTheFlea

    What better weapon to fight the darkness than a beard-DaveGrohlsFist psn

  • arlowdiaus

    Soup catchers FTW! Arlowiaus

  • Eristotle

    Like Samson, without my hair, I am powerless.

  • RangerChris

    I want to protect the human race by kicking alien ass – with a beard! RangerChris PSN

  • Felipe Orion

    “FelipeOrion” psn and xbox live.

  • DaRkWoLfxx638xx


  • Brett

    Beards all day son!!! Brettwand

  • Chris

    Need beards!

  • Chosenbarly

    We need Breads & Mustaches Facial hair for all!
    – Xbox Live Gamertag:Chosenbarly

    • Levi green

      Ha bread u mean beard

  • kenn butler

    I played the beta today and the game looks outstanding however there is one thing about the game that makes me upset, I cannot make myself because there are no beards I feel let down.

  • Ryan


  • Beardsly

    Gt captnsweetpantz

    Please help me. My characters face, chin, and neck are rapidly approaching subzero temperatures roaming the post-apocalyptic wastes of a frozen Russia.

  • jumpsmith

    plox burds

  • Sephs Sword CheeseNuts


  • colombiang428

    im so cluhtch

  • Copnos

    I want this kind of beard in Destiny, for all characters, regardless of sex!

  • Kris

    GT: Butcherfist
    Let it be said that all may adorn majestic facial hair!!!!!!

  • PoopaKabuki

    GT: PoopaKabuki

  • XBL: JSOC Operative

    Bungie, please add beards or at the very least 5 o’clock shadow!
    XBL: JSOC Operative PSN: Beyond-Operative

  • EdwardXVI

    What do we want?!
    When do we want them!?
    Hopefully before September!

  • Caleb

    I want to be able to translate my appearance to in game, beards!!!

  • jordan

    Beards please!

  • dubskiz

    I want beards for all. xbox tag DuBskiz

  • Robert Joanne Holden

    We need War Beards

  • Joshua

    Do it…..Beards

  • Adam

    Xbox gametag: ChefAtheist
    YES! To beards!

  • me

    Beard it up my friends! PSN SMS RACING 08

  • Captain Spacebeard

    Give us beards. It’s criminal that in this day and age you don’t have the option to give people facial hair. i have a beard, many of my friends have beards- many of the world have beards. GIVE US BEARDS.

  • Caleb M. W.

    YES YES YES YES TO BEARDS!!! We want beards!

    -Xbox LIVE Gamertag

  • Koos Kleven

    I’d identify better with a bearded guardian — xbox gamer tag: coasterbrake42

  • Destiny fan

    You forgot one VERY important point here – the beard addition needs to be an IN GAME customization otherwise it’s useless. If they just add it to the customization at the begginning what good is that to a character you’ve spent lots of time on developing? It needs to be in game and also the option to change hair styles